LITKO Smoke Indicators Clips Compatible with WoW Stackable Pegs, Transparent Bronze (10)

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by LITKO Game Accessories

(10) Transparent Bronze Smoke Indicators Clips Compatible with WoW Stackable Pegs

These Smoke Indicator clips are compatible with the official Wings of War* and Wings of Glory stackable flight pegs. Upgrade Your WWI dogfights with the WoW compatible Smoke Indicators. These clips are designed to work with your original stackable pegs to indicate a plane that is on fire. 

They will NOT work with the LITKO standard 1/8-inch (3mm) flight pegs or HD 3/16-inch (4.5mm) pegs.

 Wings of War™ is produced by Nexus Editrice Srl. Litko Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Nexus Editrice and these products are not endorsed by them.

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