LITKO Flying Carpet Character Mount with 2-inch Circle Base

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(1) LITKO Flying Carpet Character Mount with 2-inch Circle Base

Fly overhead or charge into battle on LITKO® Character Mounts! From noble steeds like warhorses (or never know!) to legendary creatures like a flying griffon, we have the beast who will lead you into victory!

These markers are designed to allow you to use any standing miniature on a 30mm or 1.25-inch circle or square base. Place the figure onto the clear mount location of the marker and move them together.

The purple carpet platform and white wings flying carpet is a classic magical item from Persian mythology and legend. Use this 50mm/2-inch circle bases for 1-inch grid game maps or any miniatures skirmish game. With a 3-inch tall peg, the figure will be out of reach to all but enemies armed with missile weapons.

Requires assembly. See assembly diagram for details. We recommend Craftics #33 acrylic cement for all of our multipart products. Flight stand bases and pegs are designed to friction fit to assemble and disassemble easily. Twist together to assemble.

! Attention! This mount marker is a complicated kit and is only recommended for hobbyists with some modeling skill. The order of assembly is critical, see the instruction image for details.