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Elevated Dice Tray, Clear

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(1) Clear Elevated Dice Tray

Keep your dice-rolling neat, organized, and above the action! The large rolling area, 7x11 inches, is plenty big for your “buckets of dice” games.  The 2-inch side walls also allow it to handle larger sized dice. The 4-inch high elevated legs enable you to place the dice tray over the action on the table. Once done rolling, move the tray out of the way, no more time picking up stray dice from the game table.

Snap-fit construction. Follow the graphic instruction to assemble your tray. Once together the tray is very durable and stiff. Once assembled, this is not designed to be disassembled. Doing so may break if forced apart.

No longer deal with rolling over your miniatures and knocking them about. Useful for role-playing games as well, roll the dice in the tray and hand the tray to the next player, keep it all neat and organized.