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LITKO Gaslands 28mm Scale Template Set, Translucent Bronze (12)

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  • (12) Translucent Bronze 28mm Scale GASLANDS Acrylic Templates.
  • Compatible with GASLANDS miniatures game rules.*
  • Want to use your favorite 28mm scale tanks, buggies, and vehicles? The 28mm scale template set gives you all the GASLANDS templates scaled up 130% for use with 28mm – 1/56 scale models.
  • Includes (1) each of the following tokens in translucent bronze
    • Short movement template
    • Medium movement template
    • Long movement template
    • Veer maneuver template
    • Swerve maneuver template
    • Slide maneuver template
    • Gentle turn template
    • Turn template
    • Hard turn template
    • Hairpin turn template
    • Small area effect template
    • Large area effect template
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  • Laser-cut and etched from durable acrylic

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    *Compatible with the Gaslands  miniatures game by Osprey Publishing. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing, and they do not endorse these products. LITKO Game Accessories is a friend of Gaslands  .