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LITKO Circular Miniature Base, 65mm, 1.5mm Clear (4)

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  • (4) 5mm Circular 1.5mm clear acrylic miniature bases
  • Compatible with Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar*
  • Perfect  size for small artillery units
  • Clear so your tabletop terrain or mat shows through, but can be painted. Put the focus on your painted figures.
  • Laser-cut precision. Same size every time. No warping like you can get with injection-molded bases.
  • Helps the base blend into the terrain.
  • Individual pieces... no sprue to cut away, no flash. Less work to base your minis!
  • Use Craftics #33 glue or other thickened acrylic cement to attach your miniatures. Do not use CA (superglue)!
  • Available in 5 materials.