LITKO 40mm Ruler with Fire Arc Compatible with Dux Bellorum, Transparent Light Blue

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(1) Transparent Light Blue LITKO 40mm Ruler Compatible with Dux Bellorum

Compatible with Dux Bellorum miniatures rules by Daniel Mersey, published by Osprey Games.*

Designed for double duty as a base-width movement gauge (40mm-200mm ruler; 1-5 base-width ruler)  and a fire arc gauge (45° angle fire arc). Each section is marked in base-widths and millimeters.

  • Movement: Place the gauge on the front corner of the moving troop unit and move them.
  • Check line of fire for archers: Place the short end of the gauge on the outside corner of the unit and check if the enemy is within your unit's range of fire.

The translucent light blue color allows you to flip the gauge and use for either the left or right flanks. The 40mm gauge size is designed for 40mm frontage based models.

*Compatible with the Dux Bellorum miniatures game by Daniel Mersey, published by Osprey Publishing, LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing and they do not endorse these products.