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LITKO Combat Token Set compatible with WH:KT, Translucent Green & Red (50)

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(50) Translucent Green & Red LITKO Combat Token Set compatible with WH:KT

Track your team's actions and status and never miss shots with these handy double-sided action tokens. With the move action on one side and the corresponding shoot action on the other, you no longer have to memorize who can shoot after moving, charging, or withdrawing. Also included are bright red shaken tokens to mark models that suffer penalties after failing their nerve test. This set includes tokens for a team of 8 models.

The action tokens are designed as compact beveled triangles to save space on the table top. This small size allows you to keep the tokens close in tight terrain, but easy to identify and pick up.

The translucent green Action Tokens are darker to blend with your grimdark game terrain. The etching is bright and easy to read.

The bright red Shaken Tokens show the importance of checking the nerve test each turn.

This set includes:

Translucent Green Action Tokens

  • (8) Ready / Shoot tokens.
    • The Ready Action token allows models to fire first in the shooting phase.
  • (8) Move / Shoot tokens
    • The Move Action token allows models to make a normal move and shoot in the shooting phase.
  • (8) Advance / No Shooting tokens
    • The Advance Action token allows models to move and extra D6 inches in the move phase, but cannot shoot in the shooting phase.
  • (8) Charge / Failed Charge
    • No Shooting tokens. The charge action allows the model to move 2D6 inches in the move phase. If the roll is not enough to reach the target the charge is failed and the model cannot shoot in the shooting phase.
  • (8) Fallback / Retreated
    • No Shooting Tokens. When a model is charged, the controlling player can opt to fallback, moving the model away from the charger up to 3 inches. After moving this model cannot fire in the shooting phase.

Red Shaken Tokens

  • (10)  Shaken tokens.
    • Models that fail a nerve test from taking flesh wounds or the team is broken, are shaken. These models cannot take any actions until they pass a nerve test on the next turn.

*Compatible with the Warhammer 40,000® Kill TeamTM miniatures game. Warhammer 40,000 is a registered trademark of Games Workshop Limited of the United Kingdom. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Games Workshop Limited and these products are not endorsed by them.