LITKO Command & Control Token Set compatible with TI:4, Green (33)

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  • (33) Green laser cut acrylic tokens
  • Compatible with Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition - Prophesy of Kings*
  • Expansion player color, easy to read black fill etching
  • (1) Home system token- Place the home system token over your home system planet icon on the home system tile to use as a color reference. (16) Command tokens- Feature a blank side and a ship side. (16) Control tokens- Place your control tokens and take the system card for the systems you control.
  • Laser-cut from durable acrylic

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*Compatible with the Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition board game expansion Prophesy of Kings by Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc., LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc., and they do not endorse these products.