LITKO 9-inch Movement and Combat Gauge, Compatible with AoS 2nd Edition, Translucent Blue

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Double-sided, 9-inch movement and combat gauge in translucent blue.

Compatible with the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar* SECOND EDITION game rules.

Updated movement and combat gauge for 2019. Features a 9-inch total length for movement and 1-inch, 3-inch, and ½-inch sides for combat. Double-sided etching allows you to use either side of the gauge to measure your key measurements.

Bright and clean etching with numbered inches and stylized spiked halo skull icon. Designed to be as compact as possible, but yet feature all the critical measurements you need. The movement and combat gauge will fit into the tightest of places!


  • 9-inch ruler for movement, charges, and summoning.
  • 3-inch ruler for moving within close combat range of enemy units, retreats, minimum shooting range, and pile-in movement for fighting.
  • 1-inch ruler for setup and coherency.
  • ½-inch ruler for measuring the charge distance to fight enemy unit.

*Warhammer and Age of Sigmar are registered trademarks of Games Workshop Limited of the United Kingdom. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Games Workshop Limited and these products are not endorsed by them.