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LITKO Elevated RPG Damage & Spell Template, Transparent Light Blue

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  • (1) 8-inch circle Area Effect Template in translucent light blue
  • Compatible with most RPG games.
  • This light transparent blue area effect spell template will help you and your DM track spells and other effects during combat. This single tool solution will maximize your gameplay.
  • Gauge your magic and weapon effects with this multi-function spell template. 
  • 9 different functions in a single 8-inch diameter circle template include:
    • 15 and 30-foot range cone spray areas.
    • 10 and 20-foot cube area effect zones.
    • 5, 10, 15, and 20-foot radius circular area effect blast.
    • Clock face 1-12 o'clock numbering to roll for template deviation.
  • Features aluminum posts to elevate your template over your figures! No more juggling the template and figures! Requires assembly. See image for details.
  • Laser-cut and etched from durable acrylic.
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