LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with Dragon Rampant, Multi-color (50)

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(50) Multi-Colored LITKO Game Upgrade Set Compatible with Dragon Rampant

Compatible with the Dragon Rampant game rules by Osprey Publishing.*

This laser-cut acrylic LITKO Upgrade Set compatible with Dragon Rampant: Fantasy Wargaming Rules includes the most needed tokens for tracking the condition of your units during play. Basic set for 2 players


Fluorescent Green

  • (10) Rallied Tokens  
    • Rally your battered troops!  If successful, remove Battered Tokens and replace with a Rallied Token to show they are unable to perform any other actions this turn.


  • (10) Unit Activated Tokens
    • After a unit has been issued a command, it is considered activated until next turn. Place an activated marker next to each unit that has performed an action.

Fluorescent Pink

  • (5) Test Courage Tokens
    • As units take casualties and lose leaders or become the last remaining troops on the battlefield, they need to perform a courage test. Mark the affected units during the turn as a reminder.
  • (5) Wild Charge tokens 
    • Units with the Wild Charge rule must check each turn to see if they randomly charge the enemy. Mark the units that have charged this turn.

Translucent Red

  • (10) Unit Battered tokens
    • As a result of combat, a unit can become battered. Place a marker next to the unit to show the adverse effects of being battered. Units can rally next turn to remove battered tokens.

Translucent Grey

  • (10) Half Strength Tokens
    • During a battle, the unit takes casualties and once half the troops are removed, the unit plays at half strength. Units at half strength roll fewer attack dice. Place a marker to show affected units.

*Compatible with Dragon Rampant miniatures game by Osprey Publishing, LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing and they do not endorse these products.