LITKO Upgrade Token Set Compatible with Fighting Sail, Multi-Color (44)

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(44) Multi-Colored LITKO Token Set Compatible with Fighting Sail

Compatible with Fighting Sail miniatures game rules by Ryan Miller, published by Osprey Games.*

Ship to ship combat on the high seas in the Age of Sail. Miniature battles of mighty sailing ships exchanging cannon broadsides, boarding actions, and port sieges. This LITKO token set gives all the critical game tokens and markers to track the conditions of your ships. Each token and marker is designed to fit the theme of Age of Sail naval battles, some to blend in, and others to be visible. From movement, shooting, and damage, use this set to upgrade from cardboard or handmade chits.



  • (10) Anchor Tokens
    • Anchor tokens are used to show both voluntary stop movement, and to show slowed ships when turning into the wind or as a result of damage.

Translucent Grey

  • (10) Cannons Reloading Tokens
    •  Cannon tokens are placed next to each ship to show it has fired.

Transparent Yellow & Translucent White

  • (10) Mini Damage Markers 
    • Place Damage Markers next to ships that suffer damage.

Translucent Blue

  • (5) Ship Crippled Tokens
    • As ships take damage, they become crippled. Place a crippled token next to damaged ships to show that they are less effective.
  • (5) Sail Ship Wreckage Tokens
    • When ships are sunk, place a wreckage token in its place; this represents survivors and debris from the submerged ship.

Translucent White

  • (4) Broadside Smoke Markers 
    • These markers are perfect for showing gunfire from a specific side of a ship, just place on the side firing.

*Compatible with the Fighting Sail miniatures game by Ryan Miller, published by Osprey Publishing, LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Osprey Publishing and they do not endorse these products.