LITKO Circular Combat Dials, Numbered 0-10, Gold (2)

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(2) Gold Combat Dials numbers 0-10 in white and gold

Compatible with any game and great for counting and tracking vital information. The small size, 25mm, allows you to place it next to miniatures on the tabletop. 

Dials available in a variety of different colors. Match your player color, faction, or team colors. Easy to read, black ink filled numbers.

No assembly is necessary!  We assembled these dials with screws. Ready for play!

Tons of uses:

  • Mark RPG heroes and monsters with initiative.
  • Show how far the game piece has moved on the board.
  • Track the health or life points of a soldier.
  • Count game turn or phase order during your games.
  • Indicate victory points of your team or squad.