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Ringing ūüéČ in the New Year with a little of everything.

Ringing ūüéČ in the New Year with a little of everything.

Bases & Trays 

These LITKO¬ģ Formation Rank Trays hold your cavalry in tight formation. These trays hold 25x50mm pill-shaped bases. Paint and finish with your favorite finishing material

Our 65mm bases bases are available in 5 materials, 3mm plywood, flexible steel, heavy duty magnet, 3mm clear acrylic, and 1.5mm clear acrylic. Perfect size for small artillery units or larger-sized models.

Assemble Your Heros

Enhance the look of your game with these stylized¬†LITKO¬ģ Tokens. Laser-cut and etched from durable acrylic the bright fluorescent tokens are easy to read and see from a distance.

Fearless Character Mounts

Bounce into combat riding the regal and lethal Llama Character Mount. Available in White, Brown, and Ivory on  25x50mm, 2-inch square, 40mm, and 50mm bases. Terrify your enemies with a herd of woolen camelids.

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