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LITKO Advance / Moved Double-Sided Tokens compatible with WHv9, Translucent Green (10)

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  • (10) Translucent Green 25mm beveled square double-sided tokens etched with Advance/Moved
  • Compatible with Warhammer 40,000® 9th edition rules*
  • It's essential to track which units have moved, and the exact movement they have made as some movement actions can affect shooting and further action for the turn. The Advance / Move tokens allow you to place these next to each unit activated and perform these actions. Once the game turn is over, remove the activated unit tokens.
  • Double-sided, flip to the side you need
  • Laser-cut from durable acrylic with bright easy to read etching
  • See all our WHv9 accessories.

*Compatible with Warhammer 40,000® 9th edition. Warhammer 40,000 is a registered trademark of Games Workshop Limited of the United Kingdom. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Games Workshop Limited, and they do not endorse these products.