LITKO Token Upgrade Sets for Dust Warfare (80)

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(80) LITKO tokens upgrade Set for Dust Warfare

Upgrade from the stock cutout tokens with durable and thick plastic tokens. The Dust Warfare* compatible token set includes all of the core tokens needed during the game. Twelve different conditions and actions can be tracked.


  • (15) Suppression Tokens in red
  • (15) Reaction Tokens in blue
  • (5) Infantry Damage Tokens in translucent red
  • (5) Out of Ammo Tokens in black
  • (5) Vehicle Damage Tokens in fluorescent orange
  • (5) On Fire Tokens in fluorescent yellow
  • (5) Blind Tokens-in translucent red
  • (5) Immobilized Tokens in fluorescent orange
  • (5) Weapon Destroyed Tokens in black
  • (5) Dug In Tokens in brown
  • (5) Camouflage Tokens in fluorescent green
  • (5) Minefield Tokens in brown

*Compatible with the Dust Warfare miniature game rules by Dust Studios and published by Fantasy Flight Games. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Dust Studios or Fantasy Flight Games, and they do not endorse this product.