Activate, Boom! and High Cover Token Set Compatible with BRS, Multi-Color (38)

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by LITKO Game Accessories
SKU: TS933

(38) Multi-Color Activate, Boom!, and High Cover Token Set Compatible with BRS

Upgrade your cardboard components with high quality, bright, and colorful acrylic tokens.

Includes three tokens types:

  • (10) High Cover tokens in transparent light blue
  • (14) BOOM! Tokens in fluorescent orange
  • (14) Activated tokens in fluorescent blue

High Cover tokens are used in place of place models to show they are flying high and ready to swoop down for the attack.

BOOM! Tokens represent light damage and squadron cohesion, once a player has more BOOM! Tokens than planes in the squadron, they are driven off the board.

Activated tokens are placed by each place when you finish playing out the actions you can do with that model.

*Compatible with the Blood Red Skies miniatures game by Warlord Games Ltd. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Warlord Games and they do not endorse these products. 


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