Industrial Tower System MEGA Bundle

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by LITKO Game Accessories

(1) Industrial Tower System MEGA Bundle

This is our Industrial Tower System MEGA Bundle. All modules are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Ground terrain and figure not included. Figure only shown to demonstrate scale.

ITS Assembly [PDF]

ITS Core [PDF]

You get about $300 worth of ITS modules for only $240.00, a savings of 20%!

Qty. Code Description Price Ext. Price
10x GHP101  Small floor kit $2.99 $29.90
9x GHP102 Wide floor kit 3.99 35.91
8x GHP103 Large floor kit 4.99 39.92
1x GHP105 3 Hex tower kit 14.99 14.99
5x GHP106 Walkway kit 6.99 34.95
5x GHP107 Walled walkway kit 8.99 44.95
3x GHP108 Ladder set (x10) 7.99 23.97
1x GHP109 Short solid wall (x5) 9.99 9.99
1x GHP110 Short bunker wall (x5) 9.99 9.99
1x GHP111 Short cross wall (x5) 9.99 9.99
1x GHP112 Long solid wall (x5) 14.99 14.99
1x GHP113 Long bunker wall (x5) 14.99 14.99
1x GHP114 Long cross wall (x5) 14.99 14.99
47x     Total: $299.53
      You Pay: $240.00
A SAVINGS OF $59.53!

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