LITKO Command Ability Token Set, Compatible with AoS: 2019 GH, Transparent Yellow (6)

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(6) New command ability tokens from the 2019 Generals Handbook in transparent yellow.

Compatible with the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar* SECOND EDITION game rules.

For 2019 the new General's Handbook adds 3 new command abilities. Command abilities allow you to modify rolls for various moves and combat effects. These tokens will enable you to mark the affected units as a reminder of any active effects or actions needed. Each token features the title of the command and an abbreviated reminder of its effects. These commands expand our current TS948-TYL command ability token set.

This set includes 2 of each in transparent yellow

  • (2) All-out attack command ability tokens
    • Units can reroll hits of 1 in the combat phase.
  • (2) All-out defense command ability tokens
    • Units can reroll saves of 1 on any "save" roll.
  • (2) Volley-fire command ability tokens
    • Units can re-roll hits of 1 during the shooting phase.

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