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Now stocking the All Game Terrain line of landscape materials for basing and terrain.
Now stocking the All Game Terrain line of landscape materials for basing and terrain.

LITKO Specialism Base Hugger Token Set, 32mm Bases, Compatible with WH:KT, Translucent Grey (10)

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(10) Translucent Grey Specialism 32mm Base Hugger Token Set

Compatible with Warhammer 40,000® Kill TeamTM miniatures game rules.

The base hugger style tokens are designed to fit the most common Warhammer 40,000Ⓡ base sizes. Base Hugger sizes available for 25mm, 32mm, and 40mm bases. Be sure to check your model base size to get the correct set to fit your bases.

Commanders of kill teams can have specialisms that give them special abilities, skills, and tactics used during the game. There are 11 unique specialisms and each has leveled rules that can be in play as the kill team gains experience.

This set includes (1) of each:

  • Ferocity Specialism 
    • Improves charges, reduces attack penalties and makes your troops stronger as they get wounded.
  • Fortitude Specialisms 
    • Improve the survival of the entire kill team. Ignore wounds, fight psychic attacks, reduce incoming damage, and adding to the other model’s toughness stats, making them harder to kill..
  • Leadership Specialisms 
    • Amplify the team aura effects, enhance morale rolls, and allow greater range to capture objectives.
  • Legendary Hunter Specialism 
    • Allows the use of some command traits on special character commanders. These abilities are special elite commanders.
  • Logistics Specialism 
    • Allows bonuses to campaign play and boost some offensive and defensive abilities for the whole kill team. 
  • Melee Specialism 
    • Improves the commander’s attack skill, reroll missed wounds and resist wounds themselves.
  • Psyker Specialism 
    • Enhances psychic powers and counters enemy psychic abilities.
  • Shooting specialism 
    • Gains rerolls and bonuses to hit with ranged combat.
  • Stealth Specialism 
    • Enhances the movement of your troops and gets obscured terrain 
  • Strategist Specialism 
    • Gains more command points for the player to use and enhances other specialist troop’s abilities.
  • Strength Specialism 
    • A melee-focused specialist that boosts the commander’s attack power.

*Compatible with the Warhammer 40,000® Kill TeamTM miniatures game rules. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Games Workshop Limited and these products are not endorsed by them.