LITKO Triumphs Token Set, Compatible with AoS: 2019 GH, Transparent Light Blue (6)

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(6) Triumphs token set, 6 new unique designs from the 2019 Generals Handbook.

Compatible with the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar* SECOND EDITION game rules.

For 2019 the new Generals Handbook adds 6 new triumphs. These tokens are used when playing matched play battles. Triumph tokens are rewarded to the players who spend fewer points when creating their army. The player rolls on the triumph table and then selects the appropriate token from this set.

The player can now use this heroic ability in his next game. Each triumph token includes the title of the ability and a short abbreviated reminder of its effects. Once used the token is returned to the player's token stash.

This set includes one of each in transparent light blue

  • (1) Bloodthirsty Triumph Token
    • Shooting unit can reroll wounds in the current shooting phase.
  • (1) Indomitable Triumph Token
    • Selected unit can reroll saves from an attack.
  • (1) Unbowed Triumph Token
    • Selected unit is unaffected by battleshock.
  • (1) Inspired Triumph Token
    • Selected unit can reroll any hit rolls when fighting.
  • (1) Eager Triumph Token
    • Selected unit can reroll runs and charges this turn.
  • (1) Cunning Triumph Token
    • Army general can swap this token with a command ability.


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