Micro Grand Prix Race Car Marker Set (8)

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(8) Micro Grand Prix Race Car Marker Set 

Add colorful new race cars to your favorite auto racing game! These acrylic markers can be built as single color cars or mixed and matched for a variety of different color combinations. Each includes an integral base that is only 13x20mm in size and fits Formula D* and other compatible sized track boards.

Each set includes enough parts to build (8) single color cars.

  • (1) Black
  • (1) Blue
  • (1) Green
  • (1) Orange
  • (1) Purple
  • (1) Red
  • (1) White
  • (1) Yellow

Requires assembly with glue. Some modeling skill recommended. Includes very small parts. See Assembly guide for instructions

*Formula D, designed by Laurent Lavaur and Eric Randall and published by Asmodee. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Asmodee and they do not endorse these products.