Space Corridor Expansion Set

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by LITKO Game Accessories

(1) Space Corridor Expansion Set

The LITKO Corridor System is made of laser-cut plywood. Comes unpainted.

Components include...

  • (8) 1x1 35mm Corridor
  • (4) 1x2 35mm Corridor
  • (4) 1x3 35mm Corridor
  • (3) 1x4 35mm Corridor
  • (4) 1x1 Dead End 35mm Corridor
  • (6) 1x1 Corner 35mm Corridor
  • (6) 1x1 Tee 35mm Corridor
  • (6) 1x1 Cross 35mm Corridor
  • (1) 3x3 One Door 35mm Room
  • (1) 3x3 Two Door 35mm Room
  • (1) 3x3 Three Door 35mm Room
  • (6) 35mm Blank Blast Door
  • (6) 35mm Single Wide Door Base

That's over 50 re-configurable pieces!

Download print and play tile overlays for our Space Corridor System. Select from a wide variety of tile overlays, designed to be printed, cut out and glued on top of your durable wood tile pieces. Simply click the thumbnail images to download each PDF file.

Cross cut design tiles Diamond Plate design tiles Entry design tiles Hazard Stripe design tiles Mesh design tiles

Punched Grate design tiles Rusty Mesh design tile Slotted Grate design tile Studded Plate design tile Doors and Bases

To help you get the most out of your corridor tiles, we have created a series of tutorials to show you the different ways you can paint and finish your tiles. These are just a few ideas that you can use, there is a multitude of ways to paint and finish our corridor tiles. The wood is durable and can take any paint, glue or any other application you might want to add. Simply click the thumbnail images to download the tutorial PDFs.

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