Green Stuff Tape (Kneadatite Blue / Yellow Epoxy Putty)

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Kneadatite Blue/Yellow ("Green Stuff") is a two-part epoxy/polyamide sealant/adhesive for interior and exterior maintenance and repair. It has excellent adhesion to stone, ceramic, metal, wood and many plastics, including vinyl.
Nicknamed "Green Stuff" by sculptors and modelers, Blue/Yellow is well-known for its long work-life, non-grainy texture and ability to hold fine detail. Cured models withstand up to 4 vulcanizations. Blue/Yellow is not intended for structural applications.

Blue/Yellow is available in 2 forms: as a roll of side-by-side epoxy putty tape and as 2 round bars in a reusable plastic tube.

How to use: To achieve optimum adhesion, surfaces should be scuffed and/or lightly sanded and cleaned free of grease or dirt prior to application.

Side-by-side tape: Cut or twist off a length of tape and mix by kneading with damp fingers to a uniform color. Any length contains the correct ratio of base to curing agent. Apply within 1 hour of mixing.

Bars: Cut or twist off 1 part blue curing agent to 1.5 parts yellow base. Mixing proportions can be adjusted to control cure time and hardness: more blue produces a faster, harder cure; more yellow results in a slower, softer cure. Mix by kneading with damp fingers to a uniform color. Apply within 1 hour of mixing.

Blue/Yellow has a 1 to 2 hour work life, Functional cure occurs in 4 to 5 hours when Blue/Yellow can be drilled, sawed, carved, sanded, stained, and painted. Ultimate hardness is reached in 20 to 24 hours. Cured color is green.



  • Putty-like consistency eliminates drips and runs for a "no mess" application.
  • No tools required for use.
  • Mixes in minutes.
  • Long worklife.
  • Superior strength and flexibility.
  • Paintable.
  • No shrinkage; solvent and VOC-free.
  • Solvent-resistant.
  • Cures underwater.

Typical applications:

  • Excellent for modeling, making molds and prototypes.
  • #1 preferred sculpting putty since the early '70s.
  • Sculpt models and prototypes.
  • Repair cracks in pipes and tanks.
  • Make underwater pool repairs.
  • Fill small automobile dents.
  • Create custom-formed gaskets.
  • Repair stripped screw holes.
  • Hobby and crafts.