LITKO Flight Stand Dice Tray for D20 Dice, Clear (5)

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(5) Flight Stand Dice Tray for D20 Dice

Designed to fit LITKO® standard 3mm acrylic flight pegs and bases.

Compatible with the standard Chessex 7 polyhedral mixed set dice. 

Use these dice trays to add a Chessex D20 die to your flight stand to track elevation, fuel, speed or any other measure where a numbered die can be used. Slide it down the standard 3mm acrylic peg and glue to the flight base.

We recommend you use 1.375 inch or 40mm bases or larger with these accessories. 

Flight stands, dice, and pegs sold separately. The sample displayed is our stock 1.375-inch flight stand.

This part is compatible with our line of standard flight pegs.

Requires glue to mount your miniatures. We recommend our Craftics #33 cement for all our acrylic parts.