• August 12, 2021 Amber Litko

    Templates Galore!

    Now in the LITKO Store, templates compatible with A Billion Suns and Stargrave.   Fire Arc Template compatible with A Billion Suns Flame, Blast, and Smoke Templates compatible with Stargrave.

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  • Even MORE Hot Releases 👀
    February 5, 2021 Amber Litko

    Even MORE Hot Releases 👀

    More Stencils! Check out our newest stencils. Each is made with our 24-inch by 12-inch  polyester sheeting. LITKO® stencils are easy to use. Align the stencil to the edge of the item you wish to mark, mask off the overspray area and paint your...

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  • HOT 🔥 New Releases
    January 25, 2021 Amber Litko

    HOT 🔥 New Releases

    New Colors Compatible with TI:4 We've added 2 colors to our line of Command & Control Tokens compatible with the Twilight Imperium rules system. Our Pink and Orange sets have easy to read, black filled etching.   Gaslands Templates Get individual templates for the...

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  • New & Improved Combat Dials
    June 12, 2020 Amber Litko

    New & Improved Combat Dials

    New features on our upgraded Combat Dials Assembled! We assemble these dials with a stardrive screw. No more fumbling with magnets or dealing with polarities. Knurled Edged! Easy to handle and turn. Smooth turning 360°. Colored Numbers! Black ink-filled numbers. Easy to read...

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  • Check Out the Newest Upgrades From LITKO
    June 9, 2020 Amber Litko

    Check Out the Newest Upgrades From LITKO

    We know you hate to have a cluttered game table. Check out our newest releases. Token Upgraded Set compatible with the DUNE board game. This MEGA token set includes 175 tokens. These brightly colored tokens are easy to see and...

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  • COVID-19 Update / Normal Operations Underway
    June 8, 2020 Kenneth Litko

    COVID-19 Update / Normal Operations Underway

    Our normal lead times are coming back into view. You should anticipate your order getting out the door in about 5-7 days (add a few days for custom work).

    Please keep in mind that delivery services are strained.


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