LITKO Ganesha Games 25mm Gauge and Token Set, Multi-Color (16)

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(1) Template and (15) Tokens.

Compatible with Song of Blades rule systems.*

Official gauge and tokens for the Song of Blades game system rule sets. All the most important conditions to track with movement ruler for short, medium and long distances.


  • (1) Multi-range ruler in fluorescent orange.
    • 75mm short / 120mm medium / 180mm long sides 
  • (3) Transfixed Tokens in purple.
    • Transfixed models cannot attack or move until the transfixed is broken.
  • (4) Wounded Tokens in red.
    • As models take hits they may become wounded. Wounded models have a harder time attacking. Wounded models that suffer a second wound are killed and removed from play.
  • (8) Fallen Tokens in brown.
    • Models can be knocked down during combat and other conditions can cause the fighter to be brought down but not wounded. Fallen models must use their next action to stand up before moving or attacking.

*Compatible with Song of Blades game system by Ganesha Games. LITKO Game Accessories is affiliated with Ganesha Games and they endorse these products.