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LITKO Space Fighter Shield Dials, Fluorescent Blue & Grey (2)

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  • (2) Fluorescent Blue and Grey Shield Dial kits
  • Compatible with Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition miniatures game*
  • Track your ship's shield status with these handy 25mm, octagon-shaped dials numbered 0-9.
  • Add colors to your dial faces. These dials feature deep etching for the text of each dial. Rub a colored crayon across the text and rub it clean with a tissue, and you can read the text much clearer.  NOTE: These are NOT supplied with the etching colored.
  • Requires assembly with magnets. See image instructions for details.
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*Compatible with Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. and they do not endorse these products.