Space Wing Maneuver Gauge Set, Clear (13)

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(13) Clear Space Wing Maneuver Gauge Set

Compatible with the STAR TREK: ATTACK WING* game system!

This deluxe gauge upgrade set is ideal for replacing worn or lost maneuver gauges from your game.

Designs include the refined arrow symbols for straights, come about, banks and turns.

This set includes:

  • (1) 1-speed ruler
  • (1) 2-speed ruler
  • (1) 3-speed ruler
  • (1) 4-speed ruler
  • (1) 5-speed ruler
  • (1) 6-speed ruler
  • (1) 1-speed bank
  • (1) 2-speed bank
  • (1) 3-speed bank
  • (1) 4-speed bank
  • (1) 1-speed turn
  • (1) 2-speed turn
  • (1) 3-speed turn

*LITKO Space Wing Maneuver Gauge Set is compatible with Star Trek: Attack Wing board game by NECA/WizKids LLC. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with NECA/WizKids LLC. and they do not endorse these products.