LITKO Observation Balloon Flight Stand Compatible with WoG, Clear

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(1) LITKO Blimp Flight Stand Compatible with WoW

Compatible with Wings of WarTM and Wings of Glory® miniatures games*

Put terror into the skies of WWI Europe! This durable and sturdy blimp flight stand allows you to introduce behemoth blimps/zeppelins into your game for bombing runs or forward artillery observation!

The base measures 88mm wide by 134mm long and etched with the center and fire arc reference lines in our crystal clear acrylic. This matches the official base size and allows you to have other floating obstacles on your battlefield.

Require assembly. LITKO recommends Craftics #33 acrylic cement for all of our acrylic kits.

*Compatible with Wings of War™ is produced by Nexus Editrice Srl. LITKO Game Accessories. is not affiliated with Nexus Editrice, and these products are not endorsed by them.

*Compatible with Wings of Glory® miniatures game by Ares Games Srl. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Ares Games Srl, and they do not endorse this product.