LITKO Monster Dial Stands compatible with the Gloomhaven rules system

Track wounds and keep your Monsters upright with these stylish Monster Dial Stands

Monster Dial Stands compatible with Gloomhaven - GGA049

We're all about keeping your game clutter to a minimum; what better way than to accomplish this than to use these innovative, multifaceted dials. 

Our Monster Dial Stand Upgrade Bundle Set includes (16) White Dials and (8) Yellow Dials. You can add two more of each color with our White and Yellow Upgrade Sets. Each stand holds one monster card token upright and features an integrated dial to track the health of each monster; saving space on the gameboard and simplifying tracking monster health. Rotate the dial up or down as needed.

Also available are our LITKO Character & Health Dials. Track Health & Experience with the turn of the dial.

*Compatible with the Gloomhaven  board game by Cephalofair Games. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Cephalofair Games, and they do not endorse these products.

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