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LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
New Stencils & Wargame Counter Stands

New Stencils & Wargame Counter Stands

We've added more Stencils to our store! Still don't see what you want? Check out our Custom Stencil Designer. Add a color hex or square grid to any surface with LITKO® spray templates.

LITKO stencils are easy to use. Align the stencil to the edge of the item you wish to mark, mask off the overspray area and paint your stencil. Once dry, you can align the stencil to the dried markings until your terrain is complete. Made from durable polyester plastic, the stencils are designed for repeated use and are easy to clean. The polyester plastic is solvent resistant so you can use any water or oil-based paints.


We've upgraded our game and improved the design of our Wargame Counter Stands. We also added two new sizes. These are designed to friction fit together. No gluing necessary. These stands allow you to handle easily see and move your counters.
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