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LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!

LITKO Premium Printed WWII Faction Tokens, American Army Command (10)

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  • BRIGHTLY COLORED TOKENS - Premium Printed 18-millimeter tokens representing the US Army Air Force during the Operation Torch invasion of French North Africa during the North African Campaign of the Second World War. Identify your fighters with these brightly colored tokens.
  • VERSATILE - Compatible with your favorite WWII game systems - Wings of War, Wings of Glory, Victory at Sea, I Ain't Been Shot Mum, GF9 Tanks, Flames of War, Disposable Heros, Command Decision, Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, and Axis & Allies
  • NEVER LOSE TRACK OF YOUR TOKENS - Easy to see, fit into small places, and keep the table clutter to a minimum. A UV-printed yellow band encircles a white star on a brown 18mm token
  • TRACK IMPORTANT GAME METRICS - Use as activation tokens, unidentified unit markers, or for placing models for set-up or any number of trackable metrics.
  • UPGRADE! - Check out our Premium Printed WWII Tokens