LITKO Template Set Compatible with Regimental Fire and Fury, Clear

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(3) Clear Template Set

Compatible with Regimental Fire and Fury miniatures game rules.*

The template set is used with the standard 15mm basing recommendations, and are perfect for accurate movement and firing. The transparent templates are easy to see through with highly visible etched markings. This set includes:

  • (1) Wheel template
    • Maneuvers for seven different base widths in one-inch segments. Place the template on the front corner and plot out the angle of the movement for the distance moved. Handy for wheel maneuvers with multiple units of models.
  • (1) Artillery template
    • line up with one side of the shooting units base to determine if the target is within the fire arc of the weapon shot. Template also includes etched range bands out to 6 inches in total.

  • (1) Oblique template
    • Maneuver angles of 15, 30 and 45 degrees to the left or right. Simply place in the front corner of the unit and move the models along the oblique path. These maneuvers allow you to make angular movements without wheeling the unit and changing the arc of fire for shooting. Template also includes movement ranges in inches up to 6 inches.

*Compatible with regimental Fire and Fury by Fire and Fury Games. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fire and Fury Games and they do not endorse these products.