Single Riser Deluxe Elevation Accessory Kit

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by LITKO Game Accessories

(1) Multi-Part Single Riser Deluxe Elevation Accessory Kit.

The elevation accessory kit includes

  • (1) 7/8th-inch wide riser bottom
  • (1) 2-inch high riser with 7 slots
  • (4) clip-on status indicators

This deluxe elevation accessory uses a variety of clip on status indicators to use during your games to track the condition of each aircraft. The status clip-

The status clip-ons include

  • (1) Cloud for use during normal operation
  • (1) Gear to show mechanical damage
  • (1) Smoke trail to show major damage
  • (1) Flame trail to show the aircraft is on fire.

Flight bases and pegs sold separately. This flight stand accessory fits our 1.375-inch, 2.5-inch, and WoW flight stands or any standard LITKO flight stand. We recommend using a minimum of 3-inch long pegs.

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