Flaming Wreckage Marker Dials, Medium (2)

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by LITKO Game Accessories
SKU: TS230

(2) Flaming Wreckage Marker Dials


The Medium Flaming Wreckage Marker Dials feature our innovative magnet dial design. Now you can display the attractive flaming wreckage marker and track damage, casualties or any other combat condition with the handy dial base. Each dial base is numbered 0 through 10, and are easy to turn and stay in place once set.


These dials are supplied unassembled. We recommend using a steel ruler or butter knife to place magnets into the dial halves. Be aware of the magnet polarities to make sure they are aligned before pressing into each half.  Insert the magnets with the etching side facing upward.


Requires assembly with glue. We recommend Craftics #33 acrylic glue for all our acrylic plastic kits.




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