Fleet Wars, Covenant Squadron Dice Dock Stands, Purple (18)

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by LITKO Game Accessories

(18) Purple Dice Dock Stands.

Upgrade your flat and dull Halo: Fleet Battles* counters with 3D stands featuring mini ship silhouettes and dice docks for designed for 12mm d6. Track the strength of the squadron by rotating the die to the desired count.


  • (6) Covenant fighters
  • (4) Covenant bombers
  • (7) Covenant boarding ships
  • (1) Zealot boarding ship
  • (18) 1-inch pegs
  • (18) 20mm dice bases
  • (6) "Fighter" Dice Docks
  • (4) "Bomber" Dice Docks
  • (7) "Boarding" Dice Docks
  • (1)  "Zealot" Dice Dock

To assemble, press the peg into the dice dock then into the base. Next, press the mini ship silhouette into the peg with the etched side down. We recommend gluing your stands together with Craftics #33 acrylic cement. Dice not included.

*Designed for Halo: Fleet Battles miniatures game by Spartan Games, Inc., LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Spartan Games and they do not endorse these products.

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