Flight Stand Dice Tray with Dial (5)

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by LITKO Game Accessories
SKU: AFS017-5

(5) Die/Dial combination trays for 12mm sized dice and (5) Black Pointers.

Each tray measures 32mm long by 24mm wide and features a 12mm die slot, a peg hole for attaching to your flight stand, and a half circle dial numbered 1-6. These die/dial combo trays are designed to fit LITKO standard 1/8th-inch (3mm) flight pegs and can be used with any size flight base.

The die/dial combination enables you to add a die to your flight stand to keep track of elevation, fuel, speed or any other measure where a numbered die/dial combo can be used.

Flight stands, dice, and pegs are sold separately. The sample displayed is our stock 1.375-inch flight stand.

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