LITKO 15mm Template Set compatible with FoG, Muti-Color (11)

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Set of (7) wheel tools, (3) templates and, (1) ruler in acrylic.

This 15mm template set is compatible with the Field of Glory®* rules.

Move, maneuver, and set up attacks with the LITKO FoG template set. This set gives you all the critical measuring and effects templates needed for the Field of Glory® games. Designed for your 15mm mounted miniatures on 40mm frontage bases.

It includes:

  • (1) Ruler with (8) 25mm unit movement in fluorescent Green
    • Used to measure moves and shooting ranges. Each side marked off in 25mm move distances (1 MU).
  • (3) 40mm Ambush templates numbered 1-3 in fluorescent amber.
    • Ambush templates show forward deployment positions you can use to set up your troops during the game — a great way to surprise and confuse your opponent.
  • (7) Wheel Tools for 1-7 base widths in translucent grey.
    • Wheel tools allow you to maneuver your units, turning or wheeling left or right. The wheel tools are designed to be used with multiple unit sizes based on the number of units wide, from 2-7 units. Place the tool side in the direction of the wheel; each move equals one movement unit in the game, repeat for longer distance wheels.

*Compatible with Field of Glory by Slitherine Software UK, published by Osprey Publishing. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Slitherine Software UK or Osprey publishing, and they do not endorse these products.