LITKO 15mm Template Set compatible with FoG, Muti-Color (11)

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This 15mm template set is compatible with the Field of Glory®* rules. It includes:

  • (1) Ruler with (8) 25mm unit movements
  • (3) 40mm Ambush templates numbered 1-3
  • (7) Wheel Tools for 1-7 base widths.

This set gives you all the critical measuring and effects templates needed for Field of Glory® games. This template set is designed for 15mm miniatures mounted on 40mm frontage bases.

*Field of Glory® is a registered trademark of Slitherine Software UK Ltd. The Field of Glory rules are published by Osprey Publishing. LITKO Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Slitherine Software Ltd. or Osprey Publishing and these products are not endorsed by them.