Multi-color Dial Set (4)

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(4) Multi-color Dials

The circle combat dials are available in ten different color uppers. Each token dial is 1-inch (25mm) in diameter with a lower dial numbered 0-10.

With these handy dials, you can keep track of wounds, victory points, casualty, and damage status. With ten colors to choose from you can track a multitude of different stats at the same time.

 This multi-color set includes:

  • Blue Dial
  • Gold Dial
  • Green Dial
  • Red Dial

These dials are supplied unassembled. We recommend using a steel ruler or butter knife to place magnets into the dial halves. Be aware of the magnet polarities to make sure they are aligned before pressing into each half.  Insert the magnets with the etching side facing upward.