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LITKO Rune Battles, Maneuver & Shooting Gauge Set, Fluorescent Pink (10)

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(9) Fluorescent Pink Maneuvers Gauge and (1) Shooting Gauge

Maneuver your troops with laser cut colored acrylic gauges. Each is designed to match your card templates. The straight gauges feature movement tabs on both sides.

This set contains the three different types of templates: straight, turn, and wheel. 

  • Straight movements include marches or charges based on the selection of the player, with four different speeds. 
    • Straight March Template Speed-1
    • Straight March Template Speed-2
    • Straight March Template Speed-3
    • Straight March Template Speed-4
  • Turn movements allow the unit to move forward and to the right or left at a 45-degree angle with three different speeds. 
    • Turn Template Speed-1
    • Turn Template Speed-2
    • Turn Template Speed-3
  • Wheel movements allow the unit to move forward and to the left or right to a full 90-degree angle at speed one or two.
    • Wheel Template Speed-1
    • Wheel Template Speed-2
    • Shooting gauge features corner notch to line up shots from the leading corners of the models base. Target enemy models up to five range bands distance
      • Shooting Gauge Range 5

      Each has been painstakingly reverse-engineered to follow the start and end points exactly and cross-referenced with the exact movement distanced the troops' trays should cover.

      Available in 8 different colors.

      *Compatible with Rune Battles by Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc., and they do not endorse these products.