WHv8: Combat Effects Token Set, Multi-Color (20)

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by LITKO Game Accessories
SKU: TS878

(20) Multi-Color WHv8: Combat Effects Token Set

Mark multiple combat conditions with the combat token set. Large size, with bold colors and bright etching, make it easy to see at a glance the condition of your units during play.

Includes (5) of each

  • Plasma Overload in fluorescent blue
  • Stunned in fluorescent yellow
  • Full Cover in translucent grey
  • Blinded in translucent white

 *Compatible with the Warhammer 40,000® 8th edition. Warhammer 40,000 is a registered trademark of Games Workshop Limited of the United Kingdom. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Games Workshop Limited and these products are not endorsed by them.

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