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LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO Space Fighter 2nd Edition

Even More Space Fighter 2nd Edition Accessories

We've created even more accessories compatible with the Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition game system. These eye-catching tokens and gauges will undoubtedly attract the attention of your opponents! You'll never lose track of your game pieces with these bright and colorful acrylic tokens. Upgrade your boring cardboard pieces to these precision laser cut and etched game accessories.

Included in this anticipated 2nd wave of Space Fighter accessories is our trendy customizable gauges. We can custom etch your Maneuver Gauges with your name, club name, a faction name, or anything else that comes to mind.

Both the basic and premium double-sided set are available in a variety of colors. Provide artwork through an uploaded file or link, and we can use any font you provide. 

These premium double-sided gauges are sure to grab the attention of your opponents!

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