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LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
LITKO now carries a large selection of Chessex Dice!
Painting and finishing Roman minis. Displayed on LITKO Movement Trays

Move your Wargaming Army on LITKO Movement Trays

We offer over 300 sizes of movement trays with many options including standard and 'roomy' versions to accommodate slightly wide bases. Horde (loose formation) versions are available too.

Trust LITKO Movement Trays to move your wargaming army. SKU GMT151 pictured. This particular movement tray comes assembled but unfinished.

Our trays are easy to flock and finish as well. LITKO stocks The Army Painter finishing supplies so you can order everything all at once.

Why use movement trays?

  • They make it easy to move your army during gameplay.
  • You can organize specific units in your games.
  • Use them to display your miniatures on a shelf or in a display case.
  • Add flex steel or magnetic inserts to magnetize your units and help keep them from bouncing around during transport to-and-from the game.
LITKO Movement Trays compatible with War of the Ring miniature game.

Hobbyists have come to trust LITKO for the options we offer and the excellent service we provide. It's time to Upgrade Your Game!

Explore LITKO Movement Trays

Need a tray that we do not offer on our website? LITKO designs and manufactures our trays in house in the USA. Use our contact page and tell us about your project... we are happy to help.

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