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LITKO Space Fighter 2nd Edition Range Ruler Set - GMG278

ūüĒ• It's HOT ūüĒ• Space Fighter 2nd Edition Accessories compatible with Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition

But of course! LITKO has created a line of Space Fighter 2nd Edition products compatible with the Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition game system! These bright acrylic pieces will stand out on your game table!

LITKO Space Fighter 2nd Edition Game Token Upgrade Set - TS953

Stock cardboard parts bend, colors fade and rub off, and the pieces get lost. That won't happen with LITKO game pieces. Laser cut and etched on durable acrylic; these pieces will last.

Our 31 piece Space Fighter 2nd Edition Token Set includes single-sided (4) Focus, (3) Evade, (1) Disarm, (3) Ion, and (5) Stress tokens PLUS double-sided (2) Force, (6) Charge, (3) Critical Damage, and (4) Shield Tokens.  Change or indicate the status of your craft with the flip of a token.

LITKO has 12 token sets compatible with Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition to help expand your collection and enhance your game experience.

Our Black Premium Double Sided Maneuver Gauge Set is designed to match the original game designs perfectly, these feature all the critical icons and the center line on both sides of the gauges. Contains 11 maneuver gauges to aid in the execution of the Kioigran maneuver, Segnor Loop maneuver, and the Tallon maneuver.

LITKO Space Fighter 2nd Edition Premium Double Sided Maneuver Gauge Set - GMG275-BLK

If crystal clear is more your style, we have that too. Also available is the Range Ruler Set (as seen at the top of this post).

Last, but certainly not least, don't forget to pick up Asteroids & Space Debris to complete your game experience. Check out our entire collection here.

LITKO Asteroids & Space Debris

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