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LITKO Space Fighter 2nd Edition Game Token Upgrade Set, Multi-Color (31)

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(31) Multi-Color LITKO Space Fighter 2nd Edition Game Token Upgrade Set

Upgrade your core game set of cardboard tokens with thick and colorful acrylic tokens. Each token has been carefully designed to fit the original tokens' shape, color, and iconography. Our Space Fighter Set is compatible with Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition miniatures game*

Large, clean icons make them easy to see from anywhere on the table. The set includes double-sided tokens for spent shields, actions and force powers. 


Single- Sided

  • (4) Focus Tokens in fluorescent green.
    • Players can perform the focus action as part of their turn and place a focus token next to their ship. Ships with focus tokens can change all the attack die roll results from a focus icon “miss” to a hit and then remove the focus token.
  • (3)  Evade Tokens in fluorescent green.
    • Players can perform the evade action as part of their turn and place a evade token next to the ship. Evade tokens can be used when defending and can change one of their defend rolls from a focus or blank to an evade result and then removed the evade token.
    • (1) Disarm Token in fluorescent orange.
      • Some damage effects can cause a ship to become disarmed. A ship with any disarmed tokens on them cannot perform attacks until all of the disarmed tokens are removed.  Remove all disarmed at the end phase of the turn.
      • (3) Ion Tokens in fluorescent pink.
        • Ships can become ionized from special attacks and damage, place ion tokens next to the affected ships. Ships with ion tokens cannot be assigned a dial. Remove Ion tokens after the end of the ships next activation.
        • (5) Stress Tokens in fluorescent pink.
          • When doing a red colored maneuver, the player marks the ship with a stress token. Remove stress tokens after doing any blue colored maneuver.


          • (2) Force Tokens in purple.
            • Some pilots can use the force during the game. Place the number of force tokens on the pilot card equal to their capacity. As the player uses force action, flip the force tokens to the empty “inactive” side. Inactive force tokens can be flipped to the full “active” side in later turns.
          • (6) Charge Tokens in transparent yellow.
            • Ship upgrades can include charges for actions or ammo to track during the game. Place charges on the upgrade card. As the player uses these charges, flip to the empty “used” side.  Flip the recovered charges to the full “charged” side.
          • (3) Critical Damage Tokens in red.
            • Some damage cords have persistent effects during the game. The critical damage tokens are used to mark these cards as a reminder of these persistent effects.
          • (4) Shield Tokens in fluorescent blue.
            • As the ship takes damage, flip the shield tokens to show use. Once all the ships shields are gone, the player draws damage cards for any additional hits.

            *Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition Miniatures Game is published by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. and they do not endorse these products.