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Tuesday 3/24/20 COVID-19 operations update from LITKO - TEMPORARY FACILITY SHUTDOWN

Tuesday 3/24/20 COVID-19 operations update from LITKO - TEMPORARY FACILITY SHUTDOWN

Shut Down Till April 7th, But Accepting Orders

LITKO is Shut Down due to Indiana Executive Order 20-08, but is accepting orders from customers that agree to certain terms (namely that their order will be delayed... see below). We apologize for telling our customers only yesterday that we are continuing operations, but this order had not been issued at the time we prepared that notice and takes effect very quickly (tonight).


Shortly after our 3/23/2020 update about continuing operations at LITKO, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued a stay at home order for all but Essential Businesses. Sadly, LITKO does not fit that definition and we are issuing an order for our staff to stay at home for the duration of the order.

You can still order certain LITKO products fairly easily using our Amazon Store (clicking our brand name on that page will take you to our main Amazon store page).

We will also accept customer orders on our website at if the customer agrees to our terms and conditions, as follows:

Terms and Conditions of Sale During LITKO's COVID-19 Indiana Shut Down

LITKO will accept your order on our website at with the customer's understanding that the order will not be fulfilled till AT LEAST April 7th. Even then, there will likely be a delay due to a backlog. Our team understands that there will be a great deal of work when we get back to business and has agreed to process your order as fast as they can, even if they need to work longer days in the short term. There is the POSSIBILITY that the governor of Indiana will EXTEND this shutdown as necessary, to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will update you, our wonderful customers, to keep you informed.

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Paul Pipeline - April 6, 2020

Stay safe!

Andrew Mull - April 6, 2020

Ken, James, and everyone at Litko that I haven’t interacted with directly…stay safe, guys!

Pat Oppelt - March 24, 2020

Ok sir. Take care. Stay vigilant , stay healthy, Pat.

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