Elephant Character Mount with 3 inch Circular Base, Grey

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(1) Grey Elephant Character Mount with 3-inch Circular Base

Fly overhead or charge into battle on LITKO® Character Mounts! From noble steeds like warhorses (or donkeys...you never know!) to legendary creatures like a flying griffon, we have the beast who will lead you into victory!

This larger mount is designed specifically to hold four 1-inch based or one 2-inch based miniature. You can also include stowage! Anything that fits on a 1-inch base will fit on this mount. The larger 2-inch size mount platform is square shaped so you have a larger surface to use for your miniatures.

Have larger “large” sizes monsters who ride beasts! Now you have ogres, smaller giants, and other “large” characters riding mounts. The elephant mount comes with a circular 3-inch base and counts as a huge creature for your role-playing games.

Requires assembly. See the graphics instruction image for parts assembly. We recommend our Craftics #33 for all our acrylic kits.