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5 Figure Wedge Formation, 25mm Circle Base, 1 Inch Coherency Trays

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(1) 5 Figure Wedge Formation, 25mm Circle Base, 1 Inch Coherency Trays

Designed for any game system that allows the spacing of between figures of up to 1 inch. These trays allow you to space your figures effectively covering the largest area they can and block movement from between your figures. Once your figures get close to contact or special movement simply move them off the tray and play out your games as normal. These are great for fixed-formation to deny movement or to move large armies of figures.

Each tray is designed to take up as little additional table space, and maintain the formation. Each is made from two layers of strong durable 3mm craft plywood, and come pre-assembled, ready for painting and finishing. You can use whatever paint, finish and flock you already use, the plywood resists warping while remaining lightweight.

Available Formations

  • LINE: A straight row of figures to cover the widest area across the table.
  • WEDGE: A pointed formation to control enemy charges and placement of critical figures within the unit.
  • SQUAD: The smallest formation with an equal 1-inch spacing between all the figures, great for character screening.