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Flex Tray Kit, 5-Firgure 25mm Bases, 1 Inch Coherency

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(1) Flex Tray Kit, 5-Figure 25mm Bases, 1 Inch Coherency

The flex trays allow you to move your units of miniatures and maintain coherency. Bend the tray into any configuration you need to fit the terrain or formation that you'd like to have your miniatures take.

These trays are designed for 5 miniatures on 25mm/1 inch circle bases with a maximum of 1-inch coherency when set up in a straight line.

Easy to assemble. Follow the simple step by step instructions to assemble your tray. The parts are clearly marked as TOP and BOTTOM parts and feature bumps on the sides to align them for gluing. The wood parts require glue, we recommend PVA, white glue or wood glue. You will need to supply your own small Phillips screwdriver for the screws. Take time to look over the image instructions for arranging your parts, flipping the bottoms for gluing, and the arrangement for screwing each tray section together.

 *Some modeling skill required. We recommend taking your time to sort the parts and study the instructions to assemble your trays. The etching on each part will tell you if its a TOP or BOTTOM part. The bottom parts are flipped before gluing. Tighten screws until you can flex the tray with some resistance, do not over tighten, you can strip the wood screw hole.